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Exit strategies for trading securities tool.

No matter how experienced we are, having a strategy is valuable in all steps of our trading journey.

As comparison we can relate to a trade very common to us, performed generally every week, our household grocery shopping. Have you noticed what happens when we go on a shopping spree without a shopping list?

Without a previous analysis of our necessities and budget, sometimes we regret our purchase decisions. We arrive home with things that we do not need, with expenses out of our comfort zone. With things that put us far away from our goals.

But trading stocks is not as easy to do as a supermarket list. Also we cannot return it, just sell it back for a gain or a loss.

Experts and beginners alike realize that emotions play against our gains, no matter if we are entering or exiting a trade. Social media and news networks amplify some kind of “market sentiment”, some would argue that they even manipulate the market in some way and try to play with our mind and feelings. With the impulse of the moment.

For many of us it is too late by the time we get the news, as a saying goes when even our barber is talking about a stock it is a sign to consider getting out or realize that we lost that train.

Anyway, we cannot time the market. But certainly we can time when to get in and when to get out of the market.

As everything in life there is a certain portion of good look and randomness. It is impossible to anticipate the next pandemic, the next natural disaster or the next political turn. What remains up to our reach is the ability to think and act by ourselves.

That ability is potentiated by the information and the tools that we use to assist our decision making. Sometimes as a beginner those tools are too expensive or too complex, or they don’t match our learning and financial station.

What we need is something to use as we progress, which keeps the cost and complexity low but gives us the opportunity to grow as we learn.

No tool guarantees any gains, the stock market is very complex and has many things that impact it, if so the multibillion edge funds that went to the ground with millions in lost would avoid it with its expensive next generation systems and algorithms.

We also can’t guarantee anything but our tools are free to assist you with your decision making. Analize if they are of utility to you, use them at your own risk and if they are not more up to your standards please be free to look for replacement.

We could improve together. We would appreciate any feedback.

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